Dubrovnik Galleries
One can learn about Dubrovniks and Croatias visual art visiting numerous small galleries

hidden in the narrow streets of Dubrovnik, and at the Dubrovnik Art Gallery which houses the most valuable art collection.

One of the major cultural institutions in the City, the Dubrovnik Art Gallery is located at the representative palace of the Dubrovnik shipowner Božo Banac at Ploče area. With more than two thousand paintings, sculptures, graphics and drawings, the Gallery houses the works by the most renowned authors - from Vlaho Bukovac, one of the major representatives of the Croatian modern painting, to the present day artists. The three major sections of the Gallery holdings comprise the regional, national and international collections. A representative part of the output of Dubrovniks greatest contemporary painters Ivo Dulčić, Antun Masle and Đuro Pulitika is exhibited at the Gallery named after them, situated in close proximity to the Cathedral. The Dulčić-Masle-Pulitika Gallery houses the masterpieces by these major representatives of the Dubrovnik colourist school of painting, whose works are also owned by numerous galleries all over the world. The most renowned small private galleries which extensively and continuously participate in the artistic life of the City include the Talir Gallery and the Sebastian Gallery.

Artur Sebastijan Design

Address: Od Domina 2, 20 000 Dubrovnik
Phone: +385 20 323 773

Dubrovnik Art Gallery      http://www.ugdubrovnik.hr/

The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik was founded in 1945.The building now occupied by the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik was originally conceived and built (1935-1939) as the showcase residential mansion of Dubrovnik ship owner Božo Banac, and in 1948 it was converted into exhibition premises and museum.
Address: Put Frana Supila 23, 20 000 Dubrovnik
Phone: +385 20 426 590

It was designed by the well-known Croatian architects Lavoslav Horvat and Harold Bilinić in the neo-Renaissance-cum-Gothic style, along the lines of masterpieces of Dubrovnik urban and villa Renaissance architecture (the Rector's Palace, the Divona/Sponza, the Sorkočević Villa and so on).
Through the conversion works, nine exhibition rooms were created, along with two store rooms and some smaller working areas. Together with the large terraces looking on to the sea and its garden, the Museum has 900 square metres of indoor and over 1100 square metres of outdoor exhibition space.
By the decision of The City of Dubrovnik, The Museum of Modern Art has obtained the use of Gallery Dulčić Masle Pulitika at Držićeva poljana 1, Dubrovnik and in 2008 it has obtained the use of Studio Pulitika, Fortress of St. John, Dubrovnik.


Address: Memorijalna kuća '' Ronald Brown '' Držićeva poljana bb, 20 000 Dubrovnik
The Dulčić/Masle/Pulitika Gallery was opened in a house at Držićeva poljana 1, which after the Homeland War was renovated by the American government, intending it to serve as a memorial to Ronald Brown, American Commerce Secretary, who died in an air crash flying in to Dubrovnik in 1996
It was opened as a venue where the public could appreciate the works of three important Dubrovnik artists – Ivo Dulčić, Antun Masle and Đuro Pulitika.
However, various technical and other reasons prevented it from coming to life in any real sense, until The Gallery became part of Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik.
In the space which is now appropriately equipped for exhibition work, as well as artist whose name the Dulčić/Masle/Pulitika Gallery bears, the Art Gallery Dubrovnik also intends to present other authors and works from its holdings, and thus to familiarise visitors with the things of value that the Art Gallery Dubrovnik and the city of Dubrovnik have in their possession. As well as constituting an important art exhibition spot in the very heart of the old city centre, it is also a chance for providing information to visitors and encouraging them to visit the main building of the museum which is located outside the walls, where they will be able to learn about other artworks, classically modern and contemporary.

Talir Art Gallery
Address: Čubranovićeva 7, 20 000 Dubrovnik
Phone: +385 20 323 293 

Romana atelier    http://romana-milutin.com/index.html


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