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Useful Information

Public phone booths accept only phone cards, which can be purchased in post offices and newsstands.

Information for Disabled Persons
Disabled persons have access to all public and governmental institutions within city walls. To book the transporter for the stairs at the city museums, churches and other institutions please call 00385 (0) 99 915 2834. The transporter size matches the size of the majority of standard wheelchairs, which can also be rented upon request. The transporter service is free of charge, but you can give a donation to the Dubrovnik Multiple Sclerosis Society. If you are not satisfied with the service please call Tel. No. 020 425 086.

Official Holidays
1 January  - New Year
6 January  - Epiphany
 - Easter Day
 - Easter Monday
1 May - Labour Day
22 June - Anti-Fascist Fight Day

 - Corpus Christi
25 June  - Croatian Statehood Day
5 August - Victory and National Gratitude Day and Croatian Defenders Day
15 August  - Feast of the Assumption
8 October  - Independence day
1 November - All Saints Day
25 December  - Christmas
26 December  - St Stephens Day

Working hours of shops
All the year round, the majority of the shops is open from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. In summer, the majority of the shops is open till 9.00 pm, while the shops in the Old City, particularly souvenir shops, are open till the late night hours.

The majority of the shops is closed on Sundays and on holidays, with the exception of souvenir shops and some other shops in the Old City, which are open on Sundays and on holidays in summer.

The majority of the food shops in all parts of the city is open on Sunday mornings till 2.00 pm. The majority of the shops at the hospital, at the airport and at the bus terminal near the harbour, as well as some kiosks and bakeries, are also open on Sundays.

The Gruž open-air market is open in the morning, while the flower stands remain open till the afternoon. The open-air market in the Old City is closed at noon, with the exception of souvenir stands which are open till the late evening hours in summer.

Petrol stations in the Dubrovnik area are open from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm, and until midnight in summer, while the petrol stations in Kupari and Komolac are open all day.

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